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After more than a decade as a TV news reporter, talk show host and writer in New York and California, Robin wanted to try something new. Eager to use the skills she had honed during her career in broadcasting, she set her sights on public relations. With her background in the media and first-hand knowledge of the industry, she had much to offer businesses and organizations looking for press coverage.

Indeed, media placement turned out to be her forte. This highly specialized skill has enabled Robin to land articles for her clients in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Newsday, Daily News, New York Post and USA Today. Her clients have appeared in reports on TV news and talk shows across the country. She has managed “hits” on CNN, Good Morning America and Weekend Today in New York.  In addition to media placement, she offers interview training so clients are comfortable and effectively communicate the message they wish to convey.

Along with media placement, Frank writes press kits, articles, brochures, newsletters and Web site content for her clients; develops social media campaigns; organizes and promotes special events; and produces videos.

She has managed public relations campaigns for events honoring such luminaries as Luciano Pavarotti, Paul Simon, Rudy Giuliani, Regis Philbin and Henry Kissinger, and has produced videos for these fundraisers.  Robin speaks fluent Spanish and French, having earned a Masters degree in Translation.

Not long after she started her business, she got a call from an art school in Huntington, New York looking for publicity. She placed two articles only five months apart in the Long Island section of the New York Times. She says it’s great to see clients finally receive the recognition they deserve. 

Robin Frank Public Relations
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